The Song Picture Performance

The sound of the brushes and canvas is amplified, digitally manipulated whilst sound spectrums are projected onto the painter and canvas. One of the main aspects of the performance is to show the inter-action between sound and painting. There is dynamic violin playing and there is the expression of Nickovas' suggestive paintings, producing sound as well as coloured textures and lines. The performance flourishes between melodic sections and liberated improvisation. The music is driven by the percussive sound of painting, the act of painting is turned into music, the music visualised. At the conclusion there is a picture: the visualised process of sound and painting. The painter, the musician, the painting, all create the performance so that the individual titles become blurred. Beats, bangs, scratches, swirling melodies and rhythmic pulses and projection of sound spectrums are all part of the performance.

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